Glossier for simplify your routine!

Glossier is one of my favourite skincare and makeup line. They are so real.

I really like their Stretch Concealer for my everyday makeup, I mean, really, EVERYDAY.
It's so good, it's easy to blend and gives you glow to your face or, you can set this with powder, but if you have dry skin and you want that glow so you can use this on it's own. They have 5 shade, I'm in the shade medium and I have olive skin. Use this on your under eye, bridge, side and under of the nose, cheekbone, and of course your scar, pimple or discolouration that you got.

Another product that I really like is their Flavored Balm Dotcom and their original Balm Dotcom. I use the original one to highlight my face, on my lashes when I don't feel like wearing mascara, and brow to keep them in place and take care of them. And the flavored one, I use this on my lips to give my lips a hint of red colour, so it's great when you want to take a break from super matte lipstick, you can use this to take care of your lips, don't forget to exfoliate, too!

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